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A programme built on four pillars

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A programme built on four pillars

The JR Sports Stars Schools Sporting Achievement Programme is built on four pillars.

1. Social interactionSocial interaction

Playing sports is a great way for students to interact with one another. Participating in school sports means students become part of a team, which in turn will help them bond as a group. This can make children more sociable and outgoing, whilst helping to boost their performance.

Built around four pillarsPhysical healthFind out more

2. Physical healthPhysical health

Daily, physical activity will help children stay healthy and strong, whilst improving coordination and helping students relax better. Physical benefits often have an impact on emotional well-being, which can help improve student’s school performance.

Built around four pillarsBoosts confidenceFind out more

3. Boosts confidenceBoosts confidence

Playing sports with classmates can motivate and help students with their confidence, as they can engage in friendly competition and form new friendship groups by working with a new group of children.

Built around four pillarsLeadership skillsFind out more

4. Leadership skillsLeadership skills

Taking part in sports activities can often involve being a team leader of a small or large group. This not only helps students build confidence, but it’s also great practise for in the future.