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A programme built on four pillars

Reviving the physical education curriculum in schools and increasing physical activity.

Professional learning

Upskilling teachers so they have the knowledge, skills and confidence to deliver a high quality physical education curriculum and to create innovative physical activity opportunities across the entire curriculum. This enables a sustainable workforce infrastructure ensuring all children and young peoples’ emotional and physical well being are at the forefront of whole school improvement.

Extra-curricular clubs - school sport opportunities

Delivering inclusive breakfast, lunchtime and after school clubs which engage the widest number of children possible in regular physical activity.


Coordinating and supporting regular competitive opportunities for all children, including both inter school and intra school competitions.


Broadening your sport and physical activity offering

Incorporating a variety of traditional and new sports and activities which encourage more children to get involved and to develop their physical literacy competence.

Raising the profile of physical education, school sport and physical activity across the whole school

Implementing a range of strategies to bring about whole-school improvement such as increased self-esteem and resilience in young people, as well as improved behaviour and motivation for learning. All of these impact on the Head (thinking and creative physical being) Hands (doing skilful physical being) Heart (behavioural change physical being).

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Raising the profile

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