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A programme structured for maximum engagement

A programme structured for maximum engagementFind out moreFind out more
A programme structured for maximum engagement

The JR Sports Stars Sporting Achievement Programme for Schools is delivered in a six-week block starting with an inspiring assembly from Jason Robinson, OBE, himself, or another leading sporting hero and role model.

The assembly presentation includes a video that Jason plays about himself and where he came from, which is accompanied by an inspirational open and honest conversation about how sport helped him develop and about the challenges faced along the way.

Triumph through adversity is a powerful tool, which underlines the life lesson of ‘goals are achieved through effort, persistence and sometimes a degree of good fortune’. Jason remains the only Englishman to score a try in a Rugby Union World Cup Final and he will use the assembly to emphasise the struggles he faced until finally achieving his dream.

A programme structured for maximum engagement

"The assembly: Jason was incredibly inspirational in terms of the story of his journey within rugby as well as his nature and manner with the children. He was friendly and approachable. His background and family circumstances certainly connected with children in our school. The way he spoke about his drive, passion and how he dealt with mistakes along the way dovetailed brilliantly into our values of resilience, determination, perseverance and learning from mistakes..."

Buckland Primary – Rebecca Hutton (Head Teacher)

"Multi-skill sessions: All the children thoroughly enjoy the sessions and look forward to them every other week. The length of the sessions and the professionalism of the coaches ensures the lesson/project objectives are always met. It certainly fits into our school/PE priority of children being active as well as tackling childhood obesity. The coaches are sensitive to the needs of each pupil and the children particularly enjoyed the first session when Jason also took part..."

Buckland Primary – Rebecca Hutton (Head Teacher)

Jason and the team will undertake class sessions on that day, and this will be complimented by qualified coaches coming into school during that six-week block. Each session lasts around 45-minutes during which time the children become fully engaged in the sporting activities.

The final session will be a Celebration of Achievement where certificates and sporting goody bags are given to all children who have participated. The goody bags are filled with a ball and other sporting items to encourage the children to pursue sports well into the future. Finally, the session concludes with a hand shake from Jason, or another sporting personality – something that the children will remember for many years to come.

The point of any Programme such as ours, is to encourage identifiable and positive changes for the long-term, so once the six sessions have been delivered we work with the school to determine measurable outcomes.

The results can be far-reaching and we expect to see improvements in behaviour, progression in physical ability, attainment, increased confidence levels and an overall sense of achievement. We also work with the school to identify how best to build on the foundations of a legacy, which the school can take forward over many years.

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