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A philosophy of inclusion and engagement

A philosophy of inclusion and engagementFind out moreFind out more
A philosophy of inclusion and engagement

The JR Sports Stars Sporting Achievement Programme for Schools is fully-inclusive and seeks to encourage children of all ages, sizes and demographic to engage in multi-sports activities, nurturing personal and collective development.

The Programme is hands on. We work with schools promoting not just rugby, but a range of sports to suit choice and ability of the children we engage with.

The emphasis is on motivation, building confidence and helping children realise the many benefits sport provides both physically and mentally - qualities which will stay with them for the rest of their lives.

Working with highly qualified coaches who, in conjunction with the school, tailor sessions encouraging involvement, the setting of personal and collective goals and, above all, a feeling of having achieved something in a relaxed and enjoyable environment.

A philosophy of inclusion and engagement

Coaching staff will explain the role sport has played in their life and the opportunities it has provided. The sessions will challenge the “winning is everything” mindset, which is so often presented via the many communication mediums that influence young minds.

Reframing the word ‘win’ as one meaning the decision to try something new and all the challenges that brings. Acknowledging that setbacks are as much about sport as they are to all other life experiences. The aim is to deliver a positive learning experience which will hopefully encourage young people to make life choices as to the part sport plays in them.

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